Dataifeng focused on the BGA chip welding technology,BGA balls technical solution equipment tools,bga welding machine.


  • Shenzhen Dataifeng Technology Co., Ltd.

    Company introduction:

    Shenzhen Dataifeng Technology Co., Ltd. started in March 2009, is a company dedicated to solving the electronic chip welding technology in SMT production process, and integrating R&D, production, sales and service. Thanks to the support of our customers and the joint efforts of all our staff, the Dataifeng Technology company now can research and develop core technology products with a number of high-tech intellectual property patents in chip disassembly and welding, ball planting and repair technology. Through perpetual efforts, Dataifeng fully pursues the fabrication of perfect automatic electronic chip repair tools and equipment. We continuously improve the quality and process to create more customer recognition and cooperation with persistent professional technology and high-quality after-sales technical service. 


    Company honor:

    High-tech enterprise: Certificate No.: SZ20171669

    Product certification: CE ACT-201711228

    Registered trademarks: graphic trademarks such as Dataifeng, Jidian, PSI and other figurative marks.

    Invention patent: special control software for three-temperature zone of BGA rework table, soft writing No.1880063

    Intelligent programmable temperature control software abbreviation: temperature control software, soft writing No.1681289

    BGA optical alignment operation control software, soft writing No.1882477

    Monitoring and Alarm System of BGA Repairing Table, soft writing No.1878178

    Automatic temperature control system for industrial refrigeration, soft writing No.1878142

    Remote Monitoring System of Industrial Refrigeration Equipment, soft writing No.1878142

    There is one appearance patent and one utility model, and there are still many applications in progress.


    Company objectives:

    Through independent development and innovation, the pursuit of excellent quality, continuous improvement of products, professional technology and high-quality after-sales service, we hope to obtain our customer’s recognition! We believe that high quality products can bring us a better future.


    Advantages of Dataifeng Technology Co., Ltd.:

    Complete high-end SMT production line (fully automatic hardcover of 01005 workpieces), automatic flow operation, advanced technical level among the same industry in the tin printing and ball planting process, many patents on software and hardware technology of repair tools, exclusive product formula, and ball planting. We are still optimizing and improving the tools for repairing products, and we look forward to creating a better future with you.

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    Advantages of Datafon Technology Co., Ltd.: a number of software and hardware technology patents, exclusive product formula, product continuous optimization and improvement.

    2F,First Building, Huasheng Industry Mashan Tou, Gongming Town, Guangming New Area, Shenzhen, China.

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