Shenzhen Datafeng Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in March 2009, focusing on solving the electronic chip welding technology in the SMT production process, and integrating R&D, production, sales and service into one of the production research and development company.By courtesy of the general customers the support and the joint efforts of all staff, the chip disassembling welding, balls, and repair technology, independent research and development has a number of high-tech intellectual property patent core technology products, taifeng through innovation, full pursuit of the perfect automation tools and equipment, electronic chips repair quality process continuous optimization, with persistent professional technology and high quality after-sale technical services, create more customers recognition and support.

Company Honors:

The intellectual property management system of the company has passed GB/T29490-2013 certification. The certification scope is as follows: R&D, production and sales of welding thermostat, BGA heating platform, BGA ball planting machine and BGA reworking platform, and intellectual property management of BGA ball planting reworking service. The certificate number is 165IP196301ROS.

High-tech enterprise: Certificate No. : SZ20171669

Product certification: CE ACT-201711228

Registered trademarks: DA TAI FENG, JI DIAN, PSI, DATAIFENG and other graphic trademarks

Invention patent: BGA repair table three temperature zone special control software, soft entry word No. 1880063

Intelligent programmable temperature control software [abbreviation: temperature control software], soft entry word No. 1681289

BGA optical alignment control software is numbered no. 1882477

BGA Repair Platform Monitoring and Alarm System is printed with the number 1878178

Industrial Refrigeration Automatic Temperature Control System (RCS) is registered in Chinese (No. 1878142)

Remote Monitoring System for Industrial Refrigeration Equipment (RCS) is registered in the number 1878142

BGA Tin Scraper System Registration No. 4367993

BGA Ball Placer System Registration No. 4367993

BGA ball planting tool appearance patent number ZL2019 3 0250280.5

Utility model: Automatic welding machine and welding method based on selective wave peak welding: Patent No. : ZL.2017.1.0406364.3

Company objectives:

Through independent development and innovation, the pursuit of excellent quality, continuous improvement of products, with professional technology and high-quality after-sales service, to win more customer recognition and support!Professional achievements in the future, quality casting brilliant!

Hardware advantages of Datafon Technology Co., Ltd. :Full of high-end SMT production line 3 (fully automatic SMT hardcover, 01005 artifacts) 2, BGA rework processing production lines, automatic production line balls, a 100 kv X-ray detection machine, automatic vacuum packaging machine, automatic braiding machine, a set of laser marking equipment, work experience more than five years of research and development and technical personnel 10, complete with line production process automation, printing solder balls technology keep ahead in the technical level, number of repair tools, software and hardware technology patents, product exclusive formula, balls, repair tool in continuous optimization improvement products!Welcome your presence and choice!