Dataifeng focused on the BGA chip welding technology,BGA balls technical solution equipment tools,bga welding machine.

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  • Dataifeng of strength Dataifeng of strength
    Shenzhen Dataifeng Technology Co., LTD., founded in March 2009, focuses on solving the SMT process of electronic chip welding technology, set research and development, production, sales and service in one of the production of r & D company. By courtesy of the general customers the support and the joint efforts of all staff, the chip disassembling welding, balls, and repair technology, independent research and development has a number of high-tech intellectual property patent core technology products, taifeng through innovation, full pursuit of the perfect automation electronic chip repair tools and equipment, quality process continuous optimization, With persistent professional technology and high-quality after-sales technical services, to create more customer recognition and support.
  • Why Dataifeng? Why Dataifeng?
    Why choose Datafeng: Since 2009, datai Fung has been focusing on customers' BGA welding,BGA repair and BGA ball planting requirements as before, with consistent quality and service. According to different product applications, datai Fung will provide customers with better solutions immediately. We not only provide technical services, but also save labor costs and production costs for customers. Da Tai Fung has been updating its own products and services for many years, and we are making progress every day!
  • MINI BGA rework station MINI BGA rework station
    This product win the recognition of the majority of customers, welcome business cooperation and contact.    

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