Enterprise competition to open the gap is an X-Ray point machine?

November 15, 2022

Domestic SMT in the processing industry, material ordering is a common work in the industry. In this type of work, the gap between large and small businesses is growing. The most obvious contrast is: capable enterprises have used fully automatic x-ray dispensers, while some enterprises are still using semi-automatic or manual.

A fully automatic X-Ray point feeder can match the point line of 8-15 people, and any manual movement will reduce the accuracy of the point. The machine point material, only correct and negative, will not appear in these two other results, so in the correct rate, also finished better than artificial point material. Finally, and most importantly, the biggest difference between humans and machines is that machines can work 24 hours a day, while humans cannot.

Nowadays, with the progress of technology and the change of market demand, many processing enterprises have turned to automatic X-Ray point machine to complete the point work, but a small part still use human point material. Manual feeding is a traditional feeding method, its efficiency is naturally lower than that of automatic X-ray feeding machine.

At present, the electronic manufacturing industry will face more severe survival challenges. The rapid growth of production, logistics and labor costs has led to a sharp increase in enterprise costs, while the improvement of customer requirements for product traceability has increased the difficulty of management to some extent.

With the continuous increase of labor costs, manufacturing enterprises hope to reduce the number of inspection personnel without affecting the production capacity, as soon as possible to develop the production line into an unmanned, intelligent X-RAY detection point machine evaluation, procurement and import more and more SMT factory purchasing engineering decision managers attention!

An X-Ray feeder may achieve "overtaking" in a month. Others are using it, but you insist on manual feeding. Then in such a fierce competition, who will be eliminated if you are not eliminated? So enterprises want to improve the quality and efficiency of material, it is very necessary to start with X-Ray point machine, need friends can contact us


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