What defects of PCB can be detected by X-Ray inspection equipment?

November 15, 2022

In modern industrial production, our X-ray inspection equipment can be used to detect PCB assembly work. It can be used to detect solder joints for defects such as cavities, too much solder, too little solder, solder balls, solder shedding and solder bridging. X-ray inspection can also detect device omissions and show center offset between device pin and pad after reflow welding, which is due to poor installation.

For X-ray detection equipment, there are three basic forms: manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic. Manual X-ray inspection equipment generally provides flexible and economical X-ray inspection, which can be used in various stages of the manufacturing process. These include: component input, process monitoring, quality control and failure analysis. The operator visually analyzes the X-ray images to determine what defects are shown. The detection provided by such devices is quite flexible and can speed up the time to perform operations. You don't need expensive training or equipment programming.

The semi-automatic X-ray detection equipment is equipped with a mechanical observation and a device position programmable console, and the comprehensive analysis of the device mounting and welding points is based on preset grayscale parameters. The setup of the program can generally be done through the initial setup of a PCB assembly board that has been confirmed to be of good quality, or the use of CAD(computer aided design) mount information and Navigation program. Semi-automated X-ray inspection equipment has considerable reliability and can provide greater productivity than manual equipment.

Fully automated X-ray inspection equipment is typically used in applications requiring high throughput and low complexity. The tubes feature transmission tape technology and are designed to operate at linear speeds. All the detection work is in the automatic state, and its operation is mainly based on the analysis of the image.

With the use of more and more new components on PCB, PCB testing requirements are more and more high starting from good performance and price, the selection of effective and reasonable testing equipment, for electronic product manufacturers, is an effective means to ensure product quality and reduce costs, but also for testing equipment manufacturers to provide unlimited business opportunities.

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