Are you really clear about the "strength" of the x-ray on-line feeder?

November 16, 2022

x-ray online dispenser uses the X-ray penetration principle and algorithm software with AI function to quickly and accurately calculate the quantity of materials in the discharge tray. The device also has the function of MES data upload and automatic printing of material labels.

The application range of x-ray point feeder is suitable for SMT production line, chip trade, intelligent bin management and other scenarios.

So about the x-ray online feeder specific "strong" where, today Xiaobian organized the following points to share with you, let's have a look.

One, x-ray online type point machine characteristics:

1. A large number of materials can be placed at one time without manual intervention;

The 231-megapixel camera automatically scans barcode information and label location;

3. Efficient and accurate feeding rate of about 8-15 seconds per plate;

4.TSC industrial printer automatically prints labels;

5. Data docking with MES/ERP/WMS and other systems, real-time data interaction;

6. Intelligent operation to ensure safe operation;

7. Compared with the traditional counting/point machine, there is no need to unpack the material tray and transfer tray;

8. The global coverage of device types is up to 98.7%, suitable for all kinds of patch components, 01005 and above SMD devices;

9. The counting accuracy is above 99.99%;

10. With automatic sorting bad function.

Two, the main advantages of x-ray online point machine:

1. x-ray on-line dispenser has automatic scanning, labeling, automatic sorting and other functions;

2, automatic loading and unloading, to improve work efficiency and save labor;

3, with high measurement accuracy, fast speed, good sex, reliable, easy maintenance, simple operation.

The above is the Da Tai Feng Xiaobian share today, I hope to help you, welcome to consult.


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