Answer all your questions about off-line X-RAY dispenser

November 16, 2022

The off-line X-RAY point feeder is a device that accurately and efficiently calculates the quantity of materials in the discharge tray by using the micro-focus X-ray perspective principle and software with AI algorithm function. At the same time, the equipment can connect with MES data, so that the production management is more intelligent.

Factories or enterprises to increase the X-RAY point machine is essentially in order to reduce costs and increase efficiency, so that the original complex human work becomes fast and accurate, through the X-RAY point machine to improve the work efficiency of the count, the use of 1 equipment, so that the original eight people's workload into a person's workload, so as to save labor costs.

Although the off-line X-RAY point machine still needs manual feeding and unloading, but compared with the traditional point machine, there is no need to unpack the tray and transfer tray, which can not only save time, but also have obvious advantages in the accuracy of the count. The historical data is recorded and can be viewed at any time.

We always pay attention to the global SMT electronic assembly, quickly register the new components, update the new component tray every week, and update the cloud database image at a fixed time. We have repeatedly tested more than 5000 different materials and components, and the accuracy rate can reach more than 99.99%. The categories cover more than 98.7% of the industry.

Shenzhen Da Taifeng Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, production and sales, and won the most potential Shenzhen famous brand. The company has obtained more than 150 national independent intellectual property rights certificate, invention and utility model patents and related qualification certificates. Datafeng Technology focuses on intelligent testing and intelligent welding equipment for 18 years. Professional for the electronic manufacturing industry, 3C products, industrial precision castings, semiconductor and other industries to provide advanced X-Ray testing equipment, X-Ray point machine, 3D X-Ray testing equipment, intelligent BGA chip repair equipment, automatic tin removal equipment, automatic ball planting machine, laser welding equipment, non-standard automation equipment and other overall solutions.


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