X-RAY inspection equipment in SMT industry operation application

November 16, 2022

With the continuous development of electronic technology, SMT process requirements are getting higher and higher, and the size of single chip is getting smaller and smaller, especially BGA encapsulated chip. BGA encapsulated chip is different from plug-in chip, and the solder joint is distributed at the bottom of the chip, so the quality of solder joint cannot be judged according to the traditional artificial visual inspection. The welding quality can only be checked by other detection methods. Because X-RAY has the capability of penetrating detection, X-RAY detection equipment is developed.

X-RAY testing equipment is widely used in SMT packaging and welding. Different from AOI testing equipment, it can not only qualitatively analyze solder joints, but also find and correct faults in time.

Every industry has some useful assistive tools. In the electronics industry, X-RAY detection equipment is one of them.

Working principle of X-RAY detection equipment:

1.X-RAY The device mainly uses the penetrating power of X-rays. X-ray wavelength, high energy. When a substance shines at an object, it absorbs only a small fraction of the X-rays. Most of the energy of the X-rays passes through the gaps between the atoms of the matter, showing strong penetration.

2.X-RAY The device can detect the relationship between X-ray penetration and substance density, and distinguish substances of different densities through different absorption. In this way, if the detected object has different thicknesses, shape changes, different X-ray absorption and different images, different black and white images will be produced.

3. Can be used for IGBT semiconductor testing, BGA chip testing, LED light strip testing, PCB bare board, lithium battery, aluminum castings and other non-destructive testing.

4. Simply put, a high quality fluorescent fluoroscopic image is output using a interference-free micro-focus X-RAY detection device, which is then converted into a signal received by a flat panel detector. All the functions of the operating software are completed only with the mouse, easy to use. Standard high-performance X-RAY tubes can detect defects up to 5 microns, and some X-ray detection equipment systems can magnify defects up to 1,000 times below 5 microns, and objects can be tilted. X-RAY equipment can be manually or automatically detected, detection data can be automatically generated.

X-RAY technology has evolved from 2D detection stations to 3D detection methods. The former is a projection X-ray flaw detection method, which can produce a clear visual image of the solder joint on the board. However, the commonly used double-sided reflow plate has poor effect, resulting in overlapping visual images of two solder joints, which are difficult to distinguish. The three-dimensional detection method of the latter is layered technology, that is, the beam is focused on any layer, and the corresponding image is projected onto the high-speed rotating receiving surface. Since the receiving surface tells the rotation, the image at the intersection point is very clear. Without the image of other layers, 3D detection can independently image the solder joints on both sides of the plate.


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