How to safely operate X-RAY detection equipment?

November 18, 2022

An X-RAY inspection device is an optical inspection device that uses X-rays to penetrate a sample and analyze its interior. It is self-evident that X-rays are harmful to the human body, but the X-RAY detection equipment uses the lead steel plate that cannot be penetrated by X-rays, so the staff can rest assured that they can operate normally. However, it is very important to pay attention to whether there is leakage in the X-RAY detection machine equipment, and to do regular overhaul and maintenance. Today, Xiaobian will introduce some safe operation guidelines for X-RAY detection equipment. Let's read below

1. Close the front and back doors of the machine;

2. Turn on the power key switch of the machine, it takes 12 minutes for the machine to enter the preheating mode;

3. During the preheating process, do not operate any button switch or open the door; otherwise, the preheating will be interrupted and the preheating cannot be completed. The machine preheating is not completed, the voltage and current can not be adjusted;

4. When the tower light changes from red to green, the yellow indicator light goes out, open the lead glass door, put the test object in, and close the lead glass door;

5. By manipulating the rocker (fast/slow), start the X-RAY(press the X-RAYON/OFF button), the tower light changes from green to red, and by manipulating the rocker (fast/slow), move the detection probe to the position required by the detection object;

6. Adjust the voltage and current intensity according to the tested object, and then adjust the effect of the output image. By adjusting the Z-axis, the observation area of the inspected object can be changed by setting the coordinate on the touch screen;

7. Voltage adjustment: clockwise rotation to increase the voltage, and vice versa, the voltage is generally used in 40-85KV, not more than 90KV;

8. Current adjustment: clockwise rotation to increase the current, vice versa, current is generally 0.08ma, the maximum current is 0.15ma;

9. Stop the X-RAY(press the X-RAYON/OFF button), open the lead glass door, which can be taken out by the detection object;

10. When the machine is running, it is not allowed to operate any button switch or open the door at will.

The above is the complete steps of safe operation of X-RAY detection equipment. I hope it will be helpful to you. Datai Fung Technology welcomes friends who need X-RAY detection equipment to come to consult ~


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