PCB design focus: three ways to solve the big problem

November 18, 2022

1. Make the physical border

Making a closed physical frame on the original board is a constraint on the layout and wiring of the components in the later stage. Through the reasonable setting of physical frame, the components can be more standardized one by one welding and the accuracy of wiring. But special attention is, some curve edge of the board or corner of the place, the physical frame should also be set into arc, the first to prevent sharp Angle scratches workers, the second to reduce the stress to ensure the safety of the transportation process.

2. Introduction of components and networks

It should be very simple to draw the components and networks into a good border, but there are often problems here, must be carefully according to the prompt error one by one to solve, otherwise later to spend more effort. Generally speaking, the problems here are as follows:

Component package form can not be found, component network problems, there are unused components or pins, comparison tips these problems can be quickly solved. 4008398894

3. The layout of the components is normalized

(1) Placement sequence

Experienced installers will first place components in fixed positions related to the structure, such as power sockets, indicators, switches, connectors, and so on. Then it is locked by software to ensure that the fixed location of the components will be moved or affected when other components are placed later. Complex board, we can be divided according to the placement order, more than a few times.

(2) Pay attention to the influence of layout on heat dissipation

Element layout should pay special attention to heat dissipation. For high-power circuits, those heating elements such as power tubes, transformers and so on should be placed as far as possible to the side of the distributed layout, easy to heat distribution, do not concentrate in one place, do not high capacitance too close to avoid premature aging of the electrolyte.

Through the above three points, I hope to help the engineers of PCB production.


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