Performance good 5G base station PCB surface treatment technology

November 18, 2022

Today we will understand the next 5G base station PCB circuit board in the surface treatment process should be how to choose. In front of a bare copper plate and a PCB board with surface treatment technology, we will choose the board with surface treatment. The reason is also very simple. Although bare copper plate is very good in performance, in order to ensure good solderability and electrical properties, the choice of surface treatment process is the most basic step.

It is impossible for the copper surface of PCB board to keep the original copper in the air for a long time. Once the copper comes into contact with the moisture in the air, it will oxidize in a short time. So we must give copper coated with a layer of flux resistance out of the copper oxide, but the industry generally will not use this form of flux resistance that get rid of, will use the current electroless nickel plating/gold leaching (ENIG), silver leaching, leaching tin and other surface treatment processes, the following will be introduced to you one by one.

Nickel plating/gold leaching process: it is equivalent to covering 5G base station PCB board with thick armor, which can maintain good conductive function in the process of long-term use of PCB board; In addition, nickel plating/gold leaching has other processes that are not afraid to have a strong tolerance to the environment, such as: touch screen switch and plug these above the most good choice nickel plating/gold leaching process, because the gold finger in weldability, electrical conductivity, friction resistance and life are better.

Silver leaching process: The previous article mentioned antioxidant (OSP) process, and silver leaching is in between OSP and gold leaching. The process is simple and quick, and the silver-dipped boards remain solderable even when exposed to humidity, heat and pollution.

Tin leaching process: Tin leaching process is very promising, because the welding material is based on tin, so tin can be matched with any welding material. It can be seen that tin has high solderability and good thermal stability after technological upgrading.


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