What is the difference between the multilayer and double-sided PCB circuit boards in the process?

November 18, 2022

Electronic products from the emergence to the present, is through every rigorous innovation process to have the current electronic products, in the performance is more and more excellent, in the shape of more and more compact light. But with the arrival of these precision electronics, PCB circuit boards in the wiring structure is more and more complex. The previous dual panels had great limitations in space, so PCB board also followed the requirements of all electronic products to innovate, from the original single side to double side, and then to the appearance of multiple layers for an evolution in technology and space. So why are PCBS moving to multiple layers?

In the face of high assembly density, small size and light weight of PCB circuit boards, to meet the requirements of light and miniaturization of electronic equipment, the most original double-sided PCB circuit boards can not meet these requirements, in the precision wiring can not meet, so it is necessary to use multi-layer PCB circuit boards, which can increase the number of wiring layers, thus increasing the design flexibility. In addition, the multilayer circuit board can form a circuit with a certain impedance, which can form a high-speed transmission circuit.

The alternating conductive graphic layer and insulating material are pressed together into multi-layer PCB circuit board. The technological process is generally that the inner board graphic is etched well first, and after blackening, the semi-curing sheet is added to the layer according to the predetermined design, and then the copper foil is added to the back and back two sides for pressing; The double side does not need these steps of the double side, it can be directly from the material to start the process production.


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