How much do you know about quick and useful X-RAY dispensers for material counting?

November 21, 2022

With the rapid development of industry, the traditional manual material is no longer suitable, the major manufacturing enterprises have to find a breakthrough for the production line, robotic production is the best way to solve the problem of manual, therefore, we all use X-RAY point machine instead of manual material.

X-RAY point feeder uses X-ray imaging technology to detect the production materials and obtain image information. It realizes fast counting through intelligent algorithm, and can classify the number of materials according to the categories. It connects the equipment data information with the customer MES/ERP/WMS system and exchanges data in real time, which greatly reduces the error rate of inventory.

X-RAY point machine can realize the whole automatic point material, without manual intervention, save a large amount of labor costs for enterprises, and the original need for several days to complete the workload, point machine can be completed in a few hours, and the accuracy is much higher than manual point material.

There are many types of X-RAY point feeder in the market. The X-RAY point feeder of Datatai Technology has an intelligent cloud control system, which can automatically store the point information to the cloud database through the Internet. Enterprise engineers can optimize the information or pictures in the background, and no longer need extra time for the data entry and verification of the material tray in the factory.

I hope the above content can help you to further understand the X-RAY point machine, interested in this product friends can contact Da Tai Feng technology Oh.


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