Do you know the three basic modes of operation of X-RAY detection equipment?

November 21, 2022

X-RAY testing equipment plays an important role in the detection of industrial defects. At present, X-RAY testing equipment has three basic operating forms. What are they respectively? Let's take a look.

1. Manual form

Manually operated X-RAY inspection equipment generally provides flexible and cost-effective X-RAY inspection, which can be applied at various stages of the manufacturing process, including component input, process monitoring, quality control, and failure analysis. X-RAY images can be visually analyzed by the operator to identify defects in the object under inspection. The manual form of the inspection equipment is quite flexible and can speed up the execution of the operation time, without the need for expensive equipment programming operation training.

2. Semi-automatic form

This form of X-RAY inspection equipment is equipped with a mechanical observation and device position programmable console, which can perform a comprehensive analysis of device mount and weld points based on preset grayscale parameters. The program is usually set up initially with a good quality PCB assembly board, or using CAD mount information and orientation program. Semi-automatic X-RAY test equipment is very reliable and can provide greater productivity than manual forms.

3. Fully automatic form

Automatic X-RAY detection equipment is generally applied to the production of high requirements and low complexity of the occasion, it is characterized by the use of transmission belt technology, linear speed operation, based on the analysis of the image and automatic work.

The above content is the introduction of the three basic forms of operation of X-RAY detection equipment. I hope it will be helpful to you. Friends who need X-RAY detection equipment are welcome to consult Datafeng Technology.


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