smt patch factory how to develop better

November 21, 2022

The current market environment is not good. The novel coronavirus epidemic is particularly severe, and smt processing plants have been severely impacted. However, once the market starts, many new workers will be needed. These new talents will be trained in SMT patch production and processing for a period of time, and introduce the operation steps of SMT patch processing machinery. Instead of wasting time nurturing new talent, find ways to retain it.

In the past, the mode of SMT patch processing factory: for enterprises, if they want to develop and grow, they need to recruit a large number of employees, sign labor contracts with them, and provide corresponding remuneration, training opportunities, promotion and performance appraisal as the guarantee of employment relationship; For employees, if they want to make money in a long-term and stable way, they have to join the fixed organization of the enterprise.

In this case, how much money the company pays and how many jobs the employees do is a simple business transaction relationship. The enterprise is the employer and the employees are the employees. The employees are the assets of the enterprise, so they should be "inferior" and completely obey the orders of the managers.

But the situation has changed, for SMT patch processing plant, we will feel that the management of the post-90 workers is very difficult, you want to carry out authoritative management, but people do not dump you, and some even "see the road uneven roar, roar immediately quit". This is actually because we have a misunderstanding of the post-90s generation.

But now, the patch factory model: the past long-term, stable employment pattern is gradually broken, people began to pursue more flexible, free, flexible work. Born in the age of the Internet in the 1990s, many people are not afraid to change jobs at all, feeling that there are many ways to make money, employment opportunities are everywhere, and all roads lead to Rome.

But most of the essence, SMT patch processing plants need good development, need management talents, keep excellent talents, in fact, is very simple. In the Internet age, the sustainability of the relationship between a company and its employees depends on the ability to continuously create value for both parties. For example, companies should tell workers, "We will make you more valuable if you make our company more valuable." Workers tell their bosses, "I will help the factory grow as long as the company helps me grow." Therefore, in order to achieve good development of smt patch processing plants, we must find ways to absorb and retain talents.

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