Inductance tuning principle of SMT patch processing

November 21, 2022

Today we're going to talk about patch inductors. In SMT machining, the inductor is mainly responsible for choke, decouple, filter and tuning. The chip inductor mainly has two kinds: winding type and laminated type. So in the patch processing, how to choose the appropriate patch inductance? The following introduces the selection principle of SMT patch machining inductance.

1 The width of the patch inductor should be smaller than the width of the inductor to prevent excessive solder from causing excessive tensile stress during the cooling process.

2. The accuracy of the existing patch inductors on the market is mostly ±10%. If accuracy is higher than ±5%, please order in advance.

Some patch inductors can be welded by reflow welding and wave soldering, but some patch inductors cannot be welded by wave soldering.

Patch inductors cannot be replaced only by inductors during maintenance. At the same time, the frequency band of the patch inductor is understood to ensure its performance.

5. The shape and size of the patch inductor are basically similar, and there is no obvious mark on the shape. When welding or repairing by hand, do not misplace or take the wrong parts.

At present, there are three kinds of patch inductors: the first kind is microwave high-frequency inductor. Applicable to bands above 1GHz. The second is the high frequency patch inductance. Suitable for resonant circuit and frequency selective circuit. The third is the general inductance. Generally suitable for tens of megahertz circuit.

7 Different products, the selected coil diameter is different, the inductance is the same, DC resistance is also different. In high frequency circuit, DC resistance has great influence on Q value.

8 The most high current allowed is also an indicator of SMT inductance. This capacitance indicator must be considered when the circuit needs to withstand a large current passing through it.

9 When power induction is used in DC/DC converter, the inductance directly affects the working state of the circuit.

10 The communication equipment works in the frequency band of 150 ~ 900MHz, and the winding inductance is commonly used in SMT patch processing. In the frequency circuit above 1GHz, the microwave high frequency inductor must be selected.

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