PCB circuit board production into the product through the inspection

November 22, 2022

1, PCB circuit board detection needs to pass LCR measurement

LCR measurement is suitable for some simple circuit boards, on which there are few components, no integrated circuit, only some passive components. After the end of the patch, there is no need to backfurnace, directly use LCR to measure the components on the circuit board, and compare with the component rating on BOM. When there is no abnormal, the formal production can be started.

2. PCB circuit board testing of FAI first test

Product BOM and Gerber can be imported into the FAI system. Employees use their own fixtures to measure the first sample components. The system will check with the input CAD data, and the test software will display the results through graphics or voice. Reduce the false test due to personnel search negligence, can save labor costs.

3, PCB circuit board detection AOI test

OI test, which is very common in pcba processing and applicable to all pcba processing, is mainly used to determine the welding problems of components through the appearance characteristics of components. It can also be used to check the color of components and screen printing on IC to determine whether there are wrong components on the circuit board.

4, PCB circuit board test flying needle test

Flying needle test is usually used in small batch production of some development properties. It is characterized by convenient testing, strong program variability and good universality. It can basically test all types of circuit boards, but the testing efficiency is relatively low, and the testing time of each board will be very long. To determine the total components of the circuit board whether there is short circuit, air welding, wrong parts.

5, PCB circuit board detection X-RAY inspection

X-RAY inspection. For some circuit boards installed with hidden solder joints, such as BGA, CSP and QFN package components, X-ray inspection is required for the first part produced. X-ray has strong penetration and is most widely used in various inspection occasions. Density of solder. These specific indicators can fully reflect the welding quality of the solder joint, including open circuit, short circuit, holes, internal bubbles and insufficient tin, and can do quantitative analysis.

6. PCB circuit board detection ICT test

ICT testing is usually applied to the machine types that have been mass-produced, with high testing efficiency and high manufacturing cost. Each type of circuit board requires a special fixture, whose service life is not very long, and the testing cost is relatively high. The testing principle is similar to the flying needle test. It is also through measuring the resistance value between the two fixed points to determine whether the components on the circuit exist short circuit, air welding, wrong parts and other phenomena

7, PCB circuit board detection FCT function test

FCT functional test is usually used on some complex circuit boards. The circuit boards to be tested must be welded and simulated by using some specific fixture. The circuit boards should be placed in the simulated scene, and the circuit boards should be observed to see whether they can be used normally after being powered on. This test method can be very accurate to determine whether the circuit board is normal.


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