Tools and quality inspection methods for circuit board welding

November 23, 2022

Fusion welding is a process in which the interface of the workpiece is heated to a molten state and welded without pressure. In the welding process, the heat source rapidly heats and melts the joint of the two workpieces to be welded, forming a molten pool.

During the welding process, if the atmosphere is in direct contact with the high-temperature molten pool, the oxygen in the atmosphere will oxidize metals and various alloying elements. Nitrogen and water vapor from the atmosphere will enter the weld pool, and during the subsequent cooling process will also form holes, slag, cracks and other defects in the weld, which will reduce the quality and performance of the weld.

What does the circuit board welder have? At present, the main use of electronic components welding technology. Welding technology uses tin-based tin alloy material as a solder, and the solder melts at a certain temperature, and the metal solder and tin atoms attract each other, spread and bond together, thus forming a wet bonding layer. The PCB's copper and platinum and component leads appear to be very smooth. They actually have a lot of tiny bumps on their surface. The molten tin solder is diffused along the solder surface by capillary suction to form solder and solder. The penetration of parts, assemblies and printed boards is firmly bonded and has good electrical conductivity.

Selective welding processes include flux spraying, circuit board preheating, dip welding and drag welding. Flux coating process In selective welding, flux coating process plays an important role. When the circuit board is heated and welded to be completed, the flux should have very flexible characteristics to prevent bridging and prevent oxidation of the circuit board. The manipulator sprayed flux, so that the circuit board through the flux nozzle, and then the flux spray to the PCB circuit board welding position.

Circuit board welding quality inspection methods include appearance inspection, infrared inspection and on - line test. Among these methods, the most economical and most commonly used is the visual method, which is economical, convenient, simple and feasible. Other methods require some kind of device support. In spite of the huge investment, high inspection reliability can be guaranteed.

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