How to check whether the PCB drawing design is correct?

November 23, 2022

After the wiring of the circuit board is complete, design rule inspection of the circuit board should be performed to ensure that the circuit board complies with the design requirements and that all networks have been properly connected. Common test items in design rule testing are as follows

1. Whether the distance between wire and wire, wire and component pad, wire and over hole, component pad and over hole, over hole and over hole is reasonable, and whether it meets the production requirements.

2. Whether the width of the power cord and ground wire is appropriate, whether the power supply and ground wire are tightly coupled, and whether there is room to widen the ground wire in the middle.

3. Whether the most optimal measures are taken for the key signal lines, such as the most short length, protected lines, input lines and output lines are obviously separated.

4. Whether there are independent ground cables for analog circuit and digital circuit.

5. Whether the graphics (such as ICONS and marking) added to the PCB will cause signal short circuit.

6. Whether to modify some unsatisfactory lines.

7. Whether the process line is added on the PCB, whether the solder resistance meets the requirements of the production process, whether the solder resistance size is appropriate, and whether the character mark is pressed on the welding pad of the device.

8. Whether the outer frame edge of the power supply formation in the multilayer panel is reduced, such as the copper foil exposed in the power supply formation is likely to cause short circuit.

The test results of design rules can be divided into two types: one is the output of Report, which generates the report of test results; The other is On Line inspection, which is to check the electrical rules and wiring rules of the circuit board in the wiring process.

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