BGA repair table simple type welding table introduction

November 24, 2022

Do you know the BGA repair table? Today, Xiaobian will bring you the content is: BGA repair platform simple type welding platform introduction.

BGA repair table simple type welding table adopts HD industrial touch screen, working temperature in the way of curve will reflect the data to the touch screen display, with curve analysis, curve modification and other functions; Can store hundreds of groups of user temperature curve data.

Three temperature area independent heating control, the upper and lower temperature area hot air heating, the lower hot air temperature area can be adjusted up and down, the bottom temperature area infrared heating, the temperature is accurately controlled at ±2 degrees, the upper temperature area can move around and around.

The upper and lower heating areas can be set up at most 8 temperature controls at the same time. The output power of IR preheating area can be adjusted according to the actual requirements. The heating nozzle can be rotated 360°, which makes it easier to meet different chip positions.

The machine adopts high-precision K-type thermocouple closed-loop control, and external temperature measuring interface to realize precise temperature detection. Built-in vacuum pen, lighting, cross - flow fan, laser lamp and other auxiliary functions.

The machine has advance alarm function, intelligent air volume adjustment software, compared with the traditional adjustment knob control more stable and convenient.

BGA repair table simple type welding table through CE certification, abnormal accident automatic power protection device. In the case of temperature control, the circuit can automatically power off, with double overtemperature protection function.

Well, the above is about the introduction of the BGA repair platform simple type welding platform, I hope to help you.


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