What are the advantages of BGA repair table?

November 24, 2022

The application of BGA repair table has been extensive across various industries, whether we come into contact with computers, mobile phones or other electronic products in daily life, BGA repair table has covered. At present, there are two kinds of BGA repair table in the market: optical counterpoint repair table and non-optical repair table. Today we will focus on the optical alignment repair table.

The principle of optical alignment BGA repair platform is to achieve the purpose of optical alignment repair through the optical module adopts split prism imaging and LED lighting, and adjusts the distribution of light field to make the chip carrier tape imaging display and display on the display. It has many advantages, as follows:

1. Production and application

Optical counterpoint BGA repair table is widely used because optical counterpoint BGA repair table involves microscope debugging, so it has much higher requirements than ordinary BGA repair table, and optical counterpoint BGA repair table has high requirements for machine color matching. Optical counterpoint BGA repair table needs to be aligned with different light sources according to different PCBA substrate colors. So that the chip can be used in conjunction with it.

2. High efficiency

Optical alignment BGA repair table eliminates the process of manual focus, workers operating optical alignment BGA repair table only need to adjust the parameters, and then the machine will automatically disassemble the BGA chip according to its own adjusted parameters, which greatly improves the efficiency of the whole operation process.

3. High usage

The BGA repair table is being used more and more widely, its complexity is increasing day by day, and the requirements for it are becoming higher and higher. The optical counterpoint BGA repair table is the embodiment of high-tech. At present, the demand for BGA repair table is quite high in the market, and the usage rate is also increasing in the market.

4. Easy to operate

The full automation of the optical alignment BGA repair table makes its operation more easy to use, and there is basically no deep technical requirements for the repair personnel. It has automatic welding, disassembly, mounting, feeding and other one-button operation procedures.

5. High success rate

Optical alignment BGA repair table adopts optical module split prism imaging, so that its alignment accuracy is very accurate, it can be for different sizes of BGA components accurate alignment, but also has intelligent procedures such as welding, disassembly, effectively improve the productivity and success rate.

In addition to the above advantages, BGA repair table also has BGA welding alarm function, if the temperature is out of control, will automatically power off; Adopt touch screen man-machine interface, PLC form control; High precision optical visual alignment system, can optical magnify, equipped with fine tuning function and 15 color LCD monitor; Moreover, with a high degree of automation, the repair of lead-free process and POP packaging and other components can achieve a unique effect. Datafeng repair table is a good BGA repair table.


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