Will BGA manual welding be replaced by BGA repair table?

November 24, 2022

With the chip is now used more and more widely, many EMS factories have a large number of damaged BGA chips urgently waiting for repair, then if the use of manual BGA welding then the personnel cost will be very high, at this time, you must use automatic BGA repair table to repair, so even if most of the start to use automatic BGA repair table, There are still a few small repair business and self-employed people to use BGA manual welding, all some will use semi-automatic BGA repair table, today, Xiaobian on BGA manual welding and BGA repair table with you to discuss.

Manual welding of BGA refers to the process of removing and welding BGA, QFN, QFP and other electronic components with heat gun, soldering iron and other tools. This is a traditional way of repairing. Before 2004, when BGA returning station is not popularized in our country, hot air guns and electric irons are widely used in SMT factories, various computer repair shops and after-sales repair point.

In the past, BGA repair table is generally imported, the price is very expensive, generally only foreign-funded enterprises will consider using. In the extensive Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and other areas, domestic enterprises have just developed, management and production systems need to be improved, a variety of production processes need to be improved and introduced, and the production equipment of various departments need to be updated. The majority of domestic enterprises in this case, difficult to walk, can only rely on cheap labor to support the production of enterprises. Expensive assistive devices are almost never considered.

After 2004, the first batch of BGA repair table research and development manufacturers really began. Since then, domestic enterprises have slowly accepted BGA repair equipment, gradually introduced it into the production workshop, and the repair process has been improved. In this process, the BGA repair table has greatly improved the success rate of repair welding, and even replaced the heat gun and electric iron, becoming the mainstream repair equipment. BGA repair equipment can complete the work that ordinary welding tools can't complete, such as optical alignment, such as BGA repair table can avoid the deformation of the repaired motherboard to the greatest extent, but also to ensure that the BGA is not damaged.

Compared with manual welding, the advantages of BGA repair table are very obvious.

With the development of SMT equipment to today, automatic auxiliary equipment such as ball planting machine and tin removing machine has not been widely used yet. Heat gun and electric soldering iron, combined with other auxiliary tools, still play a great role in the field of repair. Due to the increase of labor costs in the mainland, the international requirements of industry 4.0, electronic processing enterprises to BGA repair table and other automation equipment will be widely used.


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