What is the superior function of BGA repair table?

November 25, 2022

Today Xiaobian will give you a detailed introduction:

Independent three temperature zone temperature control system

The integrated design of heating head and mounting head on the upper part of the machine has the functions of automatic welding/automatic disassembly and automatic mounting.

Adopt touch screen man-machine interface, PLC control, display six temperature curves at any time, the temperature is precisely controlled at +1 degrees. 8 section temperature control, excellent temperature control

The system can better guarantee the welding effect.

There are three independent heating zones up and down. The first temperature zone and the second temperature zone can simultaneously control the temperature of multiple groups and sections. The third temperature zone makes the PCB board preheat a large area.

Make the welding to the maximum

◆ The unique pcb support design in the second temperature zone can be lifted up and down to prevent the pcb board from collapse in the welding process.

High precision K-type thermocouple closed-loop control, 3 external temperature measuring interfaces to achieve precise temperature detection.

◆ Can store 1-100 groups of temperature curve Settings, curve analysis, change Settings at any time on the touch screen.

V-shaped slot is adopted for PCB positioning. Flexible and convenient portable universal fixture can protect PCB.

Use high power cross flow fan to cool PCB board quickly, prevent PCB board deformation, ensure the welding effect.

◆ Alarm function after BGA diswelding, in the case of temperature control, the circuit can automatically power off, with double overtemperature protection function.

Touch screen control -- upper heating system and optical alignment device, easy to operate and flexible, ensure alignment accuracy control within 0.01-0.02mm.


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