How should BGA repair table be used?

November 25, 2022

Do you know how to use BGA repair table? The following by Tai Feng Xiaobian tell you ~

At present, chips have been widely used in all walks of life. Among all kinds of packaging methods, BGA has the characteristics of small packaging area, increased function, increased number of pins, high reliability, good electrical performance and low overall cost. For example, the computer motherboard of the north and south bridge is packaged BGA, LCD TV motherboard is also using BGA chip.

The full name of BGA is Ball Grid Array(PCB with ball-grid array structure), which is a kind of pin packaging of large components. Similar to the four sides of QFP pins, all of them are connected to the circuit board by solder paste of SMT. The difference is the "one-degree space" single-row pins listed around, such as the gull wing shaped foot, flat foot, or the J-shaped foot retracted at the bottom of the abdomen. It is changed into a comprehensive array or a local array at the bottom of the abdomen, and a two-degree spatial area distribution of solder ball feet is adopted as a welding interconnection tool between the chip package and the circuit board.

BGA repair table, as the name implies, is used to repair the BGA machine. BGA repair table is corresponding to the faulty BGA reheating welding equipment. Laptops, cell phones, Xboxes, desktop motherboards, all use the BGA repair table to repair.

The use of BGA repair table can be roughly divided into three steps: diswelding, mounting, welding.


1. Select the air nozzle suction nozzle to be used for the BGA chip to be repaired. The PCB motherboard is fixed on the BGA repair table, the laser red dot is positioned at the center of the BGA chip, and the mounting head is shaken down to determine the mounting height.

2. Set the diswelding temperature and store it so that it can be called directly during repair. Switch to the disassembly mode, click the repair key, and the heating head will automatically heat the BGA chip. After the temperature curve is completed, the nozzle will automatically suck up the BGA chip, and when it rises to the initial position, the operator can connect the BGA chip with the material box. At this point, the diswelding is complete.


1. After the tin removal on the pad is completed, use the new BGA chip or the BGA chip after the planting ball. Fixed PCB motherboard. Place the BGA to be welded approximately in the position of the pad.

2. Switch to mounting mode, the mounting head will automatically move down, and the suction nozzle will suck up the BGA chip to the initial position.


1. Open the optical alignment lens, adjust the micrometer, adjust the front and back of PCB board on the X axis and Y axis, and adjust the Angle of BGA from the R Angle. The tin ball (blue) on the BGA and the solder joint (yellow) on the pad can be displayed in different colors on the display. Adjust the tin ball and solder joint completely coincide, click the "alignment complete" key.

2. The mounting head will automatically drop and put the BGA on the pad, and then heat it. After the temperature line is finished, the heating head will rise to the initial position and the welding is completed.

Some people believe that packaging chips is a craft, the need for a high level of technology to ensure the success rate of chip repair. However, a high precision, precise, simple operation of the BGA repair table can make a layman in the chip package can easily win.

Ok, that's the introduction of how to use the BGA repair table. Have you learned it?


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