Why do CPU repairs need to be welded with a BGA repair table?

November 26, 2022

Today, by Shenzhen Da Tai Feng Xiaobian tell you: why CPU repair to use BGA repair table to weld?

CPU is the Central Process Unit, which is mainly responsible for processing and calculating all the data in the computer. It is the main core component of the computer and occupies a very important position in the computer. CPU faults cause a series of serious consequences. To minimize the impact of CPU faults, you need to rectify and maintain CPU faults in a timely manner.

Except for some common CPU faults, you can reduce the CPU working frequency or restart the computer to rectify them. Most of the remaining CPU faults need to be repaired using the BGA repair table for welding. So what exactly is a BGA repair table? Why do CPU repairs need to be welded with a BGA repair table?

The full name of BGA is Ball Grid Array(PCB of ball grid array structure), which refers to a kind of pin packaging of large components, similar to QFP four sides of the pins, are welded and connected to the circuit board by SMT solder paste. As the name implies, BGA repair table is a kind of equipment used for repairing BGA. More accurately, BGA repair table is the equipment for reheating and welding of poorly welded BGA.

Using BGA repair table to repair CPU mainly includes three steps: diswelding, mounting and welding:

First, remove the BGA from the faulty CPU with the BGA repair table, fix the pcb motherboard on the BGA repair table, locate the laser red dot in the center of the BGA chip, shake down the mounting head, determine the mounting height, preheat the PCB motherboard and BGA, and replace the corresponding BGA size air nozzle after removing moisture. Then set the temperature curve of the removed welding CPU, and start the BGA repair table, the equipment heating head will automatically heat the BGA. After the temperature curve is completed, the device nozzle will automatically pick up the BGA and place it in the waste box.

After the above steps are completed, clean the welding pad and fix the PCB motherboard with a new BGA or a BGA with a planting ball. Place the BGA to be welded approximately in the position of the pad. Switch to mount mode, mount head will automatically move down, suction nozzle suction BGA chip to the initial position.

After mounting, the BGA repair table will automatically align according to the new BGA placement, and then automatically attach the new CPU, heat and cool to weld the BGA on the CPU, and finally achieve the effect of CPU repair.

From the specific operation of using BGA repair table for CPU repair, using BGA repair table for welding can ensure the accuracy of welding while saving a lot of manpower and material resources. Its high degree of automation, digitalization and intelligence undoubtedly greatly improve the efficiency of CPU repair.

Although there are many BGA repair equipment, not all BGA repair stations can repair CPU quickly. Only the BGA repair table with real high precision, precision and simple operation can the repairman win easily in CPU repair.

Ok, the above is about why CPU repair to use BGA repair table to weld the introduction, everyone learned? For BGA repair table need welcome consultation.


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