BGA repair table: The removal of BGA components in the repair process

November 28, 2022

BGA repair mainly involves the following steps: preparation, disassembly, ball planting, welding and testing. Today, Tai Feng Xiaobian to talk about the demolition work.


In the case of repair preparation, disassembly work is relatively easy, just choose the corresponding temperature curve program. During the disassembly procedure, according to the physical characteristics of BGA package, all solder joints are located between the package body and PCB, and the heating and melting of solder joints are mainly through the heat conduction between the package body and PCB. After the completion of the repair program, the device will automatically absorb the removed components. When the surface of the components is rough and uneven, tweezers are allowed to pick them up; When using tweezers to pick up, first use tweezers to gently move the device, make sure that the device has completely melted, immediately pick up.

After disassembly, the repair area should be cleaned, including BGA pad and PCB pad, before BGA chip planting and mounting. Clean pad with flat iron head + tin - absorbing braid.

Tin-absorbing brattles are specifically designed to remove residual solder paste from BGA pads and components without damaging the solder resistance film or exposed printed wire. Place the tin-absorbing braid between the substrate and the soldering iron head and heat it for 2 to 3 seconds. The heat is transferred to the solder joint in an optimal way through the braid. Then, the risk of damage to the solder pad can be minimized by lifting the braid and the soldering iron and lifting rather than dragging the braid.

Braided strips remove all residual solder, thus eliminating the possibility of bridging and short circuits. After removing the residual solder, clean the pad area with the appropriate solvent.

Ok, so the above is about the BGA repair platform: BGA device repair process in the disassembly part of the explanation, for more information, please continue to pay attention to Shenzhen Da Tai Feng ~


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