How to choose a good BGA repair table?

November 29, 2022

With the wide application of BGA chips, including computer motherboards, mobile phones, webcams, TV motherboards, communication products and other applications, the demand for BGA repair tables is also growing.

Friends often ask how to choose the right BGA repair platform?

Although the price of the BGA repair table has been reduced to an acceptable level, the BGA repair table is a basic equipment investment, and if you buy it, it needs to be easy to use and practical. This is a brief introduction to the main points of BGA repair table selection. The selection of a good BGA repair platform should be mainly considered from the following aspects:

1. What are your basic needs

Ii. What is the size of the circuit board you often maintain

3. The size of the chip frequently welded

Iv. Power size

Does your BGA repair table have the following functions?

1. Whether there are three temperature zones; 2. Whether the lower heating head can be moved up and down; 3. Whether it has intelligent curve setting function; 4. Whether it has welding function; 5. Whether it has heat dissipation function; 6. Whether there is a built-in vacuum pump; 7. Does the BGA repair platform have excellent performance? 8. What is the temperature control accuracy of BGA repair platform?

Generally, the welding temperature accuracy of reflow welding is ±1 ° C. It is recommended not to purchase a BGA repair table with a temperature control accuracy greater than ±1 ° C, because the temperature control accuracy is low and the precise temperature cannot be set through the temperature curve. 9. Whether the actual temperature curve is displayed on the screen; When the temperature curve is displayed on the screen, some manufacturers only display the set curve, not the actual temperature curve; 10. Reliability, testability and ease of use of the equipment; 11. The equipment must have safety protection functions, such as thermocouple, fan and heating device failure, in order to prevent safety accidents; 12. The selection of equipment components must be correct and the wiring must be standardized; 13. The device has the function of self-check, which is convenient for users to locate faults; 14. Reasonable interface Settings, easy to operate, function buttons easy to find.

So all the above is about how to choose a good BGA repair platform introduction, hope to help you ~


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