What items can the x-ray detector detect?

November 30, 2022

Often have the x-ray detector curious friends ask Xiaobian: x-ray detector can detect what items? Don't worry, Xiaobian today for you to unified introduction:

x-ray nondestructive testing, x-ray (hereinafter referred to as x-ray) is the use of a cathode ray tube to produce high-energy electrons and metal target impact, in the impact process, due to the sudden deceleration of the electrons, the loss of kinetic energy will be released in the form of X-ray, which has a very short wavelength but high electromagnetic radiation. For the location of the sample that cannot be detected by appearance, x-ray is used to record the change of light intensity after penetrating substances of different densities, and the resulting contrast effect can form an image to show the internal structure of the object to be measured, and then the problem area inside the object to be measured can be observed without damaging the object to be measured.

Test Items:

1. Defects in the IC package such as stripping, crack, cavity and borehole integrity inspection.

2. Defects that may occur during PCB manufacturing, such as poor alignment or bridging and open.

3. Inspection and measuration of SMT cavity phenomenon (measuration).

4. Defects inspection of open, short or abnormal connections that may occur in various connection lines.

5. Verify the integrity of solder ball array packaging and solder ball in chip packaging.

6. plastic burst or metal cavity inspection with higher density.

7. dimensional measurement of chip, Solder arc measurement, and component Solder area proportion measurement.

Ok, so that's the introduction of what the x-ray detector can detect, everybody understand?


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