Can online xray test detect all types of lithium batteries?

November 30, 2022

Since the reform and opening up, domestic science and technology has developed rapidly, and the automation level of lithium battery industry has been continuously improved. Among them, the application of X-RAY on-line detection equipment in the production and production of lithium batteries is representative, and its application has gradually become the mainstream trend.

In recent years, X-RAY online detection equipment has been increasingly used in the production and production of middle and high-end lithium batteries in China. With the continuous progress of the automation level of the lithium industry and the rise of labor costs, it is foreseeable that there will be a lot of space for development in the detection equipment in the next few years.

After many years of development, Shenzhen Da Tai Fung has accumulated a very rich experience in nondestructive testing. For the broad lithium enterprises, the selection of lithium battery X-RAY online detection equipment has many advantages, such as: useful to prevent product safety risks, reduce the waste of materials, labor costs and improve product quality, and then in improving the overall competitiveness of the product is very advantageous.

The person in charge of Shenzhen Da Tai Feng said bluntly, because some core parts only a few foreign manufacturers can be able to produce, which leads to the high cost of X-RAY online testing equipment, and then hinder the use of its shopping malls. However, X-RAY lithium battery detection equipment produced by Shenzhen Da Tai Feng, has the advantages of high performance, high definition and high resolution, offline and online X-ray automatic detection are configured, the selection of closed X-ray tube, free from maintenance, and long service life, and its price is also very user-friendly. As a result, it has succeeded in shattering the price constraints common to many professionals.

Shenzhen Da Tai Feng has developed X-Ray PCB inspection function and X-Ray other assembly inspection function, intuitive and easy to use GUI, one-click operation, investment cost minimization (ultra conventional introduction cost) of the X-RAY counting machine. The electric charging machine is widely used in power, cylindrical, soft pack, square shell, laminated and other types of lithium battery detection.

Therefore, online xray detection is very effective in detecting various types of lithium batteries. If you need online xray detection equipment, please consult Shenzhen Da Tai Feng Oh ~


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