Introduction of BGA Repair temperature curve (Part 2)

December 01, 2022

Let's continue to talk about the introduction of BGA repair temperature curve (below) : Other knowledge to be noted:

1. BGA surface can withstand the highest temperature: with lead less than 240℃(standard 250℃) without lead less than 250℃(standard

Quasi-270 ℃). Can be based on the customer's BGA information for reference.

2. After BGA repair, ball planting is required for assembly.

3. If you do not know the condition of the machine and whether the BGA contains lead, you can first set the temperature of the machine slightly lower to try again.

Finally, to sum up, the temperature curve of BGA during repair is mainly set according to the actual situation of repair, and the measured temperature of the tin ball inside BGA shall prevail. After all, the machine is a machine, and it is impossible to completely achieve without any error, so do not look at the internal temperature setting of the machine to set, to start from the actual situation there are many ways, how to go to the end is up to you to decide. There are many ways to do something. Don't be limited by existing rules. The temperature curve setting of BGA repair can be varied, and the ultimate goal is to achieve the temperature curve of BGA repair. In fact, each paragraph has a name, the distinction is for the novice to understand. You can ask me again if you have any questions.

See here basically finished this part, thank you for sticking to read it, I hope to help you. I wish you a happy life and good health.


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