What is the operating principle of automatic BGA repair platform dismantling equipment?

December 02, 2022

Structurally, all BGA repair stations are basically the same. Each type of optical BGA repair table has its own advantages and characteristics.

Automatic BGA repair table welding:

BGA rework equipment, suitable for all kinds of large (5 g) server, CCGA, BGA, GFN, CSP, the LGA, MICRO, SMD, MLF desoldering maintenance etc. It is developed and designed for the repair of large industrial control motherboard, 5G server motherboard and so on (the maximum splint area is 1200mmX700mm), fully controlled by computer. With high-definition optical alignment system, infrared + gas (including nitrogen or compressed air) mixed heating mode, all the action software control by motor driven welding integrated repair workstation. Used for diswelding all kinds of package chips. Independent 10-axis operation, 10 motors drive all actions. Both upper and lower temperature zone /PCB movement and X/Y movement of optical alignment system can be controlled by computer, easy to operate. With memory function, suitable for batch repair to improve efficiency, high degree of automation.

1. Preparation for repair:

Determine the various chips and BGA chips to be repaired, determine the air nozzle nozzle to be used, determine the repair temperature and temperature control according to the customer's use of lead and lead-free welding, because the melting point of lead tin ball and lead-free tin ball is different, the PCB board is fixed on the BGA repair platform, the laser red dot is located in the center of the BGA chip. Mount head shake is automatic rise, determine mount height.

2, set the welding temperature, and store the data, so that the subsequent repair, can be directly called.

Under normal circumstances, the temperature of diswelding and welding can be set to the same group.

3. Switch to the disassembly mode on the touch screen interface, click the repair key, and the heating head will automatically drop to heat the BGA chip.

Five seconds before the temperature is finished, the machine will give an alarm. When the temperature curve is finished, the suction nozzle will automatically suck up the BGA chip and rise to the initial position.

So the above is about the automatic BGA repair platform dismantling equipment operating principle is what is introduced, we are not more understand some?


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