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December 02, 2022

BGA repair platform is a small but large (small size but can repair 750mmX620mm large board) with optical alignment system, using infrared gas (including nitrogen or compressed air) mixed heating, all movements driven by motor, software control of diswelding integrated repair workstation. Used for diswelding all kinds of package chips. Is applicable to any BGA devices, special components POP and difficult repair, CCGA, the QFN, BGA, CSP, the LGA, Micro SMD, MLF (Micro Lead Frames).

The BGA repair table has an independent six-axis linkage, and seven motors drive all movements. The upper and lower temperature zone /PCB movement and X/Y movement of optical alignment system are controlled by rocker, easy to operate. With memory function, suitable for batch repair to improve efficiency, high degree of automation. Heating head and mounting head integrated design, with automatic rotation, alignment, welding and automatic disassembly functions.

The upper stage of BGA repair table adopts 4 channels of hot air heating system, plus 2 channels of independent cooling system, fast heating, uniform temperature, fast cooling (can drop 50-80 degrees when cooling), better meet the process requirements of lead-free welding. Infrared + hot air mixed heating is used in the lower heat temperature area. The infrared directly acts on the heating area and conducts with the hot air at the same time, which makes up for the mutual deficiency and allows the PCB to warm up quickly (up to 10°C/S) while the temperature remains uniform.

BGA repair platform has an independent three temperature zone (upper temperature zone, lower temperature zone and infrared preheating zone), the upper temperature zone and lower temperature zone realize synchronous automatic movement, and can automatically reach any position in the bottom infrared preheating zone. The lower temperature area can move up and down, support PCB, and adopt motor automatic control. The PCB is not moved on the fixture, and the upper and lower heating head can be moved to the target chip on the PCB. Original bottom infrared preheating platform, using excellent heating materials imported from Germany (infrared gold-plated light tube) + anti-glare constant temperature glass (temperature up to 1800°C).

BGA repair platform is equipped with preheating platform, splint device and cooling system, which can move automatically in the X direction as a whole. Make PCB positioning, diswelding more safe and convenient.

X,Y direction mobile and the overall unique design, so that the equipment space is fully utilized, with relatively small equipment volume to achieve large area of PCB repair, the maximum cleat size up to 750*620mm, no repair dead Angle; The splint device is equipped with a positioning scale, and the system can remember the historical positioning scale, making repeated positioning more convenient and fast. Built-in vacuum pump, arbitrary rotation of φshaft Angle, high-precision stepper motor control, automatic memory function, precision fine-tuning pasted suction nozzle; The suction nozzle can automatically identify the suction and mounting height, the pressure can be controlled within 10 grams, with 0 pressure suction and mounting functions, for small chips; Hd imaging system can meet all kinds of small patch components repair. Color HD optical vision system, with splitting two colors, magnifying and fine-tuning functions, including color difference resolution device, automatic focus, software operation functions, 32 times optical zoom, can be repaired the largest component, the size of 120*120mm.

The temperature control mode of the BGA repair platform breaks the previous switching quantity control (switching quantity control: it controls the temperature of the heating body through the length of the solid state on-off time; When heating the heating body power only in 0 or 100% between the frequent switch control of the heating body temperature, temperature fluctuation is relatively large), the machine is simulated quantity control (through the simulation of continuous control of the heating body power, from 0-100% continuous adjustable heating body power, to achieve stable and accurate temperature control), At present, high-end reflow welding adopts this heating control mode: computer +PLC control; Embedded industrial computer, touch screen interface. PLC control, real-time temperature curve display, can display the setting curve and measured curve, can analyze the temperature curve; 10 section rise (drop) temperature +10 section constant temperature control, can be mass storage temperature curve, curve analysis can be performed on the touch screen; Multiple sizes of alloy hot air nozzle, easy to replace, 360° rotation positioning. Equipped with 5 temperature measuring ports, it has the function of multi-point real-time temperature monitoring and analysis. Equipped with nitrogen inlet, can be connected to external nitrogen protection welding, making repair more safe and reliable.

BGA repair table adopts a fixture with positioning scale to automatically remove or remove the chip. As long as you input the chip size on the operating screen, the upper stage will automatically absorb the central position of the chip, which is more suitable for mass production.

BGA repair table with solid state operation display function, make temperature control more safe and reliable; The machine can automatically generate SMT standard temperature disassembly curve under different ambient temperatures in different regions, without manual setting of machine curve, and can be used by experienced operators to realize machine intelligence. Exclusive dual-channel heating mode, BGA chip heating, the temperature error of four corners of the chip can be controlled within 5℃; A camera with observation of the melting point on the side of the tin ball for easy determination of curves. (This function is optional.)

BGA repair table has optional functions:

1. It can make the heating area and adjacent area produce a longer duration of 30°C temperature difference, so as to better protect the surrounding smaller BGA from reaching the melting point. This function for mobile phone, notebook and other glue plate.

2. The existing semi-automatic optical system can be changed into a fully automatic optical system;

3, the existing embedded industrial computer control can be changed into the computer general version of software control, compatible with printers, bar scanning, etc.

4. The automatic function of the existing PCBX, Y and optical system can be changed to manual, which reduces the cost and is economical to meet the needs of more customers who need to repair large boards.


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