Introduction to BGA repair table welding and parameter control Settings

December 02, 2022

Today, Xiaobian will introduce the BGA repair platform welding and parameter control Settings, 1, power supply: AC220V± 10% 50/60Hz; 2. Total power: 4000W; 3. Heater power: upper hot air heater 1200W; Lower hot air heater 1200W; Bottom infrared heater 1600W; 4. Electrical material selection: PLC programmable controller + large-screen true color touch screen + high-precision intelligent temperature control module; 5, temperature control: K type high thermocouple closed-loop control, independent temperature control, accuracy up to ±2 degrees; 6. Positioning mode: V-shaped card slot, PCB bracket can be adjusted and configured with universal fixture. 7, PCB size: Max 210*260mm, Min 20 * 20 mm; 8. Dimensions: L470×W330×H430mm(without display support); 9. Machine weight: 36kg; 10. Appearance color: black.

Touch screen control screen Name: Operation monitoring:

Vacuum: After clicking, the vacuum will open and you can pick up the suction pen to absorb the BGA chip. Here, it should be noted that: when absorbing the BGA chip, you need to press the small hole on the suction pen holder to generate vacuum.

Cooling: Open the cross-flow fan rotation, PCB board cooling;

Keep: the system keeps the current temperature state after the user clicks;

Spot light: Click the button, the working light will turn on;

Welding: After the user clicks, the system starts heating according to the current parameter value. Click this button again, and the device will stop heating. What should be noted here is that: when we choose welding start, the vacuum pump can not run, only when disassembly can open the vacuum pump;

Disassembly: After the user clicks, the system will heat and move. When the temperature reaches the peak value, click vacuum and then remove the chip.

Parameter monitoring function introduction:

Working segment: refers to the current segment when the equipment is heating according to the current temperature position;

Upper temperature: Displays the current temperature value of the upper heating surface.

Lower temperature: Displays the current temperature of the lower heating surface.

Infrared temperature: Displays the current temperature of infrared heating.

External temperature: external measured temperature display, without the thermocouple, display is an open circuit value.

Period remaining time: refers to the remaining time of constant temperature in a certain temperature period;

Total time: The time from the beginning to the end of heating.

Remaining cooling time: After the equipment stops, the remaining cooling time of the cross-flow fan is displayed.

Back welding time: need to insert the thermocouple, can be displayed;

Temperature curve setting:

Cash out name: click the number box, input the name of the chip or the model of the motherboard can be;

Curve management: After clicking the button, multiple groups of temperature curves set by our factory will pop up for you to choose from;

Save: After setting the temperature curve, click Save. The temperature will be automatically saved and the previous parameters will be overwritten and saved to the database;

Save as: Click the button to save as a new temperature curve; S1-S9 (refers to the number of effective temperature curve segments we can set as 9 segments), of course, the corresponding segments need to be set according to the size of the chip and the size of the PCB board. Generally, for ordinary PCB motherboards, the segment can be set between 4 and 6 segments;

Upper part: refers to the upper heating head heating temperature setting, setting method can refer to the last two pages of the manual; Setting method: Directly click the digital box to set the appropriate temperature (generally, the highest temperature of the upper part should not exceed 300 degrees, and the normal temperature is about 260 degrees);

Segmented time: refers to the time spent in each temperature segment. The time is generally set within 20-60S.

The lower part: setting method with the upper heating head setting method, the temperature can be the same;

Section time: The same as the section time setting method of the upper heating head, the time of each section must be synchronized (that is, the residence time of the first section of the upper part is 55S, then the residence time of the lower part is also set to 55S, and the time of the following section is the same synchronization).

So the above is the introduction of BGA repair platform welding and parameter control Settings. Have you learned?


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