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December 07, 2022

At present, there are many packaging styles of SMT patch components, and each has its own advantages. For example, the mainstream packaging methods include BGA packaging, SOP packaging, QFN packaging, PLCC packaging, SSOP packaging, QFP packaging and so on. So today Xiaobian to explain the current mainstream SMT patch BGA packaging advantages!

Advantages of BGA packaging

1. BGA has small volume and large memory capacity. With the same memory IC in the same capacity, the volume of BGA is only one third of that of SOP packaging.

2. Encapsulation pins of QFP and SOP are distributed around the body. When there are many pins, the spacing is reduced to a certain extent, and the pins are easy to be deformed and bent.

3, electrical performance is good, BGA pin is very short, with tin ball instead of lead, signal path is short. The inductance and capacitance of the lead are reduced and the performance of the appliance is enhanced.

4, good heat dissipation, spherical contact array and the base plate contact surface to form a gap, conducive to body heat dissipation.

5, BGA body and PCB board has good coplane, can effectively ensure the quality of welding.

The above 5 points are about the advantages of SMT patch components using BGA packaging, so compared with other packaging, SMT patch components using BGA packaging will be more convenient, efficient and fast, the above content is shared by a small series of BGA packaging advantages related content, I hope to help you ~


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