What are the main benefits of BGA repair table for repair?

December 07, 2022

For those outside the BGA repair table industry, what is a BGA repair table - it is a very vague concept indeed, and of course many people do not know the answer to this question. But for people in the industry, this problem is not a problem, because after the rapid development of the BGA repair industry in recent years, almost all the practitioners of the BGA repair industry know the BGA repair platform, and also use the BGA repair platform.

So what exactly is a BGA repair table? To figure this out, we need to figure out what a BGA is. BGA is a chip packaging technology, is to improve the performance of digital products through the ball grid array structure, reduce the volume of products. All the digital products through this packaging technology have a common feature, that is, small size, strong performance, low cost, powerful functions.

Once you know what a BGA is, it's easy to know what a BGA repair table is. A BGA repair table is a machine used to repair BGA chips. When a chip is detected to have a problem and must be repaired, then the BGA repair table must be used. Compared with those who use BGA repair table to repair without BGA repair table, there are several advantages:

The first is the high success rate of repair. At present, the success rate of the new generation of optical counterpoint BGA repair table launched by our company can reach 100% when repairing BGA.

The second is simple operation. Use BGA repair table to repair BGA, any novice who has not been exposed to BGA, can become a BGA repair master in a few minutes of learning process.

Finally, the use of BGA repair table is not easy to damage the BGA chip and PCB board. As we all know, when repairing BGA, high temperature heating is needed. At this time, the temperature control precision is very high. A slight error may lead to the scrap of BGA chip and PCB board. However, the temperature control precision of the BGA repair table can be accurate to within 2 degrees, so as to ensure the integrity of the BGA chip during the repair process.

So the above is about the BGA repair platform of all the content of the introduction, everyone after reading still not moved? If you have any needs, please consult us ~


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