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December 08, 2022

Today, let me deeply analyze the SMT BGA chip repair process and tools for you. I hope it will be beneficial to you.

This paper mainly describes the BGA diswelding, ball planting operation process and matters needing attention in the repair process. There are lead and lead-free process plates on the BGA repair platform.

Ii. Description of BGA chip repair process

Keep the following questions in mind during BGA maintenance:

(1) To prevent overtemperature damage in the process of diswelding, the temperature of the hot air gun should be adjusted in advance during diswelding. The required temperature is 280~320℃, and it is forbidden to adjust the temperature during diswelding.

(2) To prevent electrostatic accumulation and damage, you must wear electrostatic bracelets before operation.

(3) To prevent the air flow and pressure damage of the heat gun diswelding, the air flow and pressure of the heat gun should be adjusted in advance during the diswelding, and the air flow and pressure should not be adjusted during the diswelding.

④ Prevent the BGA pad on PCBA from being damaged. During the diswelding process, the BGA can be gently touched with tweezers to confirm whether the tin is melted. If the tin is melted, it can be removed. Note: Touch gently during operation, do not force.

⑤ Pay attention to the positioning and direction of BGA on PCBA to prevent secondary planting ball welding.

Iii. Basic equipment and tools to be used in BGA maintenance

Basic equipment and tools are as follows:

① Intelligent heat gun. (For BGA demolition)

② Anti-static maintenance table and static bracelet. (Before operation, wear an ESD bracelet and operate on the antistatic maintenance table)

③ Antistatic cleaner. (For BGA cleaning)

④ BGA repair table. (For BGA welding)

⑤ High temperature box (for PCBA board baking)

Auxiliary equipment: vacuum pen, magnifying glass (microscope).

So the above is about SMT BGA chip repair process and tools are introduced, I hope to benefit you ~


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