How to choose a suitable X-Ray detection equipment?

December 09, 2022

X-RAY testing equipment is used in all walks of life, whether to have X-RAY testing equipment has become a key factor affecting the development of enterprises, for the enterprises have not yet purchased X-RAY testing equipment, how to choose a suitable X-RAY testing equipment is a vexing problem, today, Xiaobian from the following aspects to teach you how to choose X-RAY detection equipment, let's have a look ~

1. Look at the core component, the X-ray tube

X-RAY detection equipment has a core component, that is the X-ray tube. This X-ray tube mainly produces X-rays, which can be observed through the workpiece inside the detection body through the principle of X-rays. The selection can tilt 60 degrees for observation, load platform can rotate 360 degrees, color image navigation, accurate detection of the measured object.

2. Look at the image receiving device and its effect

The image receiving device can capture the X-ray passing through the sample and convert it into the image that can be presented to the user. For example, BGA solder joints, defects, cracks and other defects of the casting can be clearly seen in the image. X-RAY detector magnification is larger, the image is clearer, and it is easier to see BGA welding.

3. Look at the machine design architecture

The architecture is the main part of the X-RAY detector, which determines the measuring distance and the convenience of the X-ray rav detector. X-RAY detector should be designed according to the user's best experience, the user's actual operation is very convenient.

4. Look at the software and computer control system

Software control is the soul of the X-RAY detector. Select with preview guide function, automatic positioning view function; Complete mouse operation, without fussy remote rod + button will be more practical.

5. Look at the brand and after-sales service

Choose the common brand in the market, quality, technology, and after-sales this piece are relatively more secure. 

The above content is how to choose a suitable X-RAY detection equipment several methods, I hope to help you ~


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