SMT raw material quality inspection tasks and methods

December 10, 2022

The task of raw material quality inspection includes four aspects: raw material quality judgment, quality problem prevention, quality information feedback and quality problem arbitration. Quality judgment refers to the qualification degree or quality grade of raw materials through testing according to relevant quality requirements and specifications. Quality problem prevention means to ensure that unqualified raw materials are not put into use through quality inspection, so as to prevent the quality problems caused by this. Quality information feedback means that the quality problems existing in raw materials are fed back to relevant departments or cooperating enterprises through quality inspection, so as to find out the causes of quality problems in time and provide basis for quality improvement. Arbitration of quality problems refers to determining the causes and responsibilities of quality problems through scientific quality detection and evaluation methods when the raw material supplier and the receiving party have objections or disputes over quality problems.

The methods of raw material quality inspection include sensory inspection, instrument inspection and trial inspection. Sensory detection refers to the detection that uses human sensory organs as testing tools to evaluate the quality of raw materials. It is mainly used for the qualitative detection of visual and external contents such as appearance, color, scars and smell of products. Instrument testing refers to the use of instruments, measuring tools, testing equipment and other testing tools, the application of physical or chemical methods to test product quality characteristics, such as: the performance of raw materials, strength, hardness, reliability and other physical and chemical characteristics. Trial testing refers to the identification of the quality or characteristics of raw materials through actual use. This testing method is mostly used for the identification of the quality of new materials.

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