How to use x-ray testing equipment to judge the defects such as false welding of BGA?

December 12, 2022

Today we will talk about how to use x-ray detection equipment to judge the defects such as false welding. False welding is one of the common welding defects, which will seriously affect the yield of Denso products.

x-ray detection equipment is widely used in the detection and analysis of welding defects, which is generated by a micro-focus X-ray tube. X-ray rays have short wavelength and high energy. When shining on a substance, the substance can only absorb a small part, while most of the energy of X-ray rays will pass through the atomic gap of the detected substance. Differential absorption can be used to distinguish substances of different densities. Therefore, if the detected items are broken, different thickness, shape change, the absorption of X-ray rays is different, the image is different, so it can produce a black and white image, and then amplify the signal, the computer will conduct further analysis, using image analysis software to analyze the solder joint quality.

The detection of virtual welding is analyzed through a certain principle. When the X-ray is tilted and we observe the BGA from a certain Angle, if the welding ball is good, it will collapse again and form a trailing shape. If the X-ray projection of the ball is still a circle, it means that the ball has not been welded and collapsed, indicating that it is a virtual or open circuit structure.

Then the above content is the relevant introduction of the judgment points of virtual welding defects. I hope it will be helpful to you. Friends who need x-ray detection equipment are welcome to come to me for understanding


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