Application of x-ray detection equipment in high-end PCBA circuit board

December 13, 2022

The rapid development of the Internet has changed the way people work and live. Effective interpersonal communication no longer relies on face-to-face communication. With the integration of 5G communication technology and the Internet, connections between objects have also begun to form.

With the new generation of 5G network, IoT technology and AI with the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology, automotive electronics, medical devices, smart wearable, smart home and other electronics related products continue to upgrade, PCBA circuit board production link plays a more and more important role, and the detection of PCBA circuit board is particularly important.

Electronic components IC chips, as the basis of hardware, continue to develop towards miniaturization, the number of uses is increasing, the distribution density is getting higher and higher, and the operation of the manufacturing site is becoming more and more complex and difficult. Then is the high precision SMT SMT machine, solder paste printing press, reflow, AOI, SPI, DIP shaped electronic component insert machine, selective wave soldering SMT and DIP on the whole line of related equipment requirements and challenges are increasingly high.

At this time, more PCBA manufacturers want to meet the needs of the manufacturing site, conform to the trend of The Times, and flexibly adjust the production technology, so they need an x-ray detection equipment to help. Datatai Technology has a variety of models of x-ray detection equipment, which can be selected by each enterprise to best meet the production needs of the x-ray detection equipment. X-RAY detection machine of Datafeng Technology is used to improve the detection efficiency and quality of PCBA circuit board, which provides important conditions for enterprises to adapt to the development of The Times.

Then the above is the application of x-ray detection equipment in high-end PCBA circuit boards. If you need x-ray detection equipment, you can contact us


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