Application of x-ray testing equipment in high precision electronic welding process

December 13, 2022

In recent years, with the rise of various intelligent terminal devices (such as smart phones and pads) and intelligent automotive electronic products, packaging miniaturization, high-density assembly and various new packaging technologies are becoming more and more perfect, and the requirements for circuit assembly quality are also becoming higher and higher. Such as automatic optical testing, ICT needle bed testing, functional testing (FCT), X-RAY detection technology is now widely used in SMT, LED, BGA, CSP flip chip detection, As well as semiconductor, packaging components, lithium battery industry, electronic components, auto parts, photovoltaic industry, aluminum die casting, molding plastics, ceramic products and other special industry testing.

With the development of refinement, miniaturization and complexity of electronic components, enterprises have higher requirements for factory inspection of their products. In the SMT electronic manufacturing industry, PCB printed circuit board components are getting smaller and smaller, and the density is getting higher and higher. Under this development trend, how to test the welding quality? Especially welding that is invisible to the naked eye.

x-ray detection equipment provides the answer. x-ray testing equipment is a new analytical means, which can not only detect invisible solder joints, but also carry out qualitative and quantitative analysis of the results on the premise of not destroying samples, so as to help enterprises find faults in time during production and reduce the scrap rate of products.

The defects in high-precision electronic welding process are as follows: BGA false welding, component failure, excessive formation of tin balls, welding pinhole bubbles, pollutants, cold welding spots, welding holes, blowing holes and so on. Traditional nondestructive analysis is often difficult to detect these defects effectively, but the advent of x-ray detection equipment just to fill the gap!

In the future, the development trend of X-Ray testing equipment is bound to be highly intelligent, automatic and digital. X-Ray testing equipment will be used more and more, and the market prospect is very broad.


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