Application of X-ray detection technology in automotive materials

December 14, 2022

As the basis of vehicle production, the quality of automotive materials and components is a prerequisite. As a variety of new vehicles pursue diversified functions and people's high requirements for ride experience and safety, the automotive industry must do a good job in the quality of automotive materials and components.

X-ray can be used to detect foreign bodies, cracks and other defects in automotive materials and parts, analyze the displacements of BGA and circuit boards, detect BGA welding defects, and analyze the internal conditions of microelectronic systems and cables.

The principle of X-ray detection is to use the cathode ray tube to generate high-energy electrons and impact with the metal target. During the impact process, the electrons will suddenly slow down, and their lost kinetic energy will be released in the form of X-Ray, penetrating the samples of different densities to form images of different depths.

X-ray testing can realize nondestructive testing of automobile materials. Manufacturers can clearly see the defects in the samples through x-ray testing equipment, so as to improve products and greatly improve the speed and quality of automobile materials testing. Therefore, for the automobile industry, x-ray detection equipment is a must for enterprises to have a piece of equipment, or even an advantage in the industry competition.

The above content is the application of x-ray detection technology in automotive materials. Those who need X-ray detection equipment are welcome to consult.


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