What are the actual detection scopes of X-RAY detection equipment in the industrial field

December 15, 2022

Some friends have contact with X-RAY testing equipment, but some friends still have only a partial understanding of X-RAY testing equipment, what is the key work of X-RAY testing equipment? Today Xiaobian will briefly organize the application range of X-RAY test equipment. Today we mainly discuss the use of X-RAY test equipment in the industrial field.

X-RAY testing equipment is usually used in industrial fields, such as electronic products, electronic components, semiconductor components, connectors and plastic parts BGA, LED, IC chip SMTCPU, hot wire, capacitors, integrated circuits, circuit boards, lithium batteries, porcelain, castings, diagnosis and treatment, content, etc. , mainly depends on whether the welding points are disconnected, short circuit and whether the welding in the electronic components is normal.

In BGA, LED, IC chip, SMT generally speaking, it depends on the internal deformation of these parts, whether the gold wire is normal, open welding, air welding, tin connection, bubbles and other defects; In porcelain and castings, mainly depends on whether there are bubbles, cracks, welding tumors in the workpiece; In the food industry, the main test is whether there is a foreign body. In some industries, X-RAY testing equipment to detect this process is also called nondestructive testing.

To sum up, x-ray inspection equipment can be very effective in the industrial field, if necessary, you can contact Shenzhen Da Tai Feng Technology to understand ~


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