What are the advantages of X-RAY automatic spoiler compared with manual spoiler?

December 16, 2022

At present, there are also some small and medium-sized SMT resistance, capacitor, diode, triode and other processing enterprises in the production process, IC these electronic components point material work by manual summary method. However, with the development of technology and the change of market demand, many electronic components are manually summarized. SMT manufacturers have adopted a more efficient and intelligent method to complete this work. What are the advantages of X-RAY point feeder compared with manual point feeder? 1. Labor cost In the process of feeding, an automatic feeding X-RAY feeding machine can replace 6 to 8 workers. It can reduce labor costs. In the case of the same workload, manual material needs more manpower and time. From the point of view of labor cost, X-RAY point feeder can save costs for the company and improve efficiency. The fixed cost input of the machine saves long-term labor costs. Therefore, for SMT enterprises in need of long-term development, the use of more intelligent X-RAY point machine has become a must option.

2. Work efficiency traditional manual material each plate needs at least a few minutes, time consuming, low precision; Automation; X-RAY point function can be completed at the same time 4 disk material inspection work. The inspection process takes only a few seconds for each 7-inch disc. Automatic calculation of the number of parts, fast and accurate. The data can be submitted immediately, which can greatly improve the work efficiency and ensure the accuracy of the grade, killing two birds with one stone. 3. The overall effect under the premise of a large workload, artificial point material is prone to human error and omission problems, sometimes in order to rush time, artificial point material will not be orderly placed. X-RAY point machine point operation is easy to understand, faster, point good products in order. X-RAY point machine automatic point, high accuracy, zero error, can work 24 hours, no rest during the work. Through the above comparison, it is not difficult to see that X-RAY dispensing machine is more convenient and efficient than manual dispensing. Well, the above is about the X-RAY point machine and artificial point material which has the advantage of the introduction, you can consult Shenzhen Da Tai Feng technology. I hope it was helpful.


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