What are the advantages of using x-ray inspection equipment for PCBA processing plants?

December 16, 2022

In the process of PCBA, because many high-precision circuit boards have a lot of BGA and IC chips, the key parts of the package can not be directly seen from the welding surface of the internal welding situation. PCBA processing plant must be equipped with relevant testing equipment.

So this welding testing equipment is mainly the X-RAY testing equipment we talked about today.

X-ray is mainly used in the transmitter to send high-energy electrons in the machine, through the development of sample X-ray. Because of the different densities of each structure in the sample, the X-ray images displayed in different objects will have differences in black and white grayscale, and then show the location and shape of the defects in the sample. X-ray examination is a non-destructive sample analysis, other tests can be performed at a later date.

Application field of X-ray inspection

1.IC observe the internal defects of packaging (disconnection, holes in packaging materials, cracks, etc.); 2. Observe the welding conditions of the assembled electronic circuit board (such as air welding, hair removal, bridge and other abnormal phenomena); 3. Spot welding hole ratio analysis; 4. Observe various materials from front, side and bevel angles; 5. Observe the filling of porous structures.

With the continuous maturity of detection technology and the continuous upgrading and iteration of image processing algorithm, X-RAY can basically realize the measurement and inspection function of various defects of PCBA. On this basis, it is gradually developing to 3D/CT. The processing technology of PCBA processing plant is improved day by day, and the reliability of products is gradually improved.


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