Application of X-RAY detection equipment in capacitor industry

December 16, 2022

A capacitor is a device that stores electrical charge and is one of the most commonly used electronic components. Widely used in communication equipment, medical equipment, automotive electronics aviation, aerospace military and other fields. With the rapid development of information technology and electronic products, the demand for capacitors also presents an overall rising trend.

According to the different materials, capacitor products can be divided into tantalum capacitor, aluminum capacitor, ceramic capacitor and film capacitor. With the expansion of capacitor requirements and material types, in order to further promote the continuous improvement and innovation of capacitor detection technology, strict fault analysis of capacitors should be carried out.

Due to different materials and structures, capacitors are divided into different types: tantalum capacitors, ceramic capacitors, aluminum capacitors and so on. Each capacitor has a special application because it offers unique characteristics. Like a sandwich, a simple capacitor is made by sandwiching insulation between two conductors and applying a bias voltage through them.

Before performing a destructive analysis, it is necessary to obtain as much data as possible on the physical and electrical properties of the relevant capacitors in the event of damage. The results of nondestructive testing techniques will be helpful in determining a method for the root cause of capacitor failure. As a common nondestructive testing technology, X-ray can check the internal structure of the capacitor and any abnormal state (anode misalignment, weak positive or negative electrode contact, etc.). With the increase of X-ray resolution and the speed of computer operation, X-ray nondestructive testing equipment has become a useful tool to analyze the internal structure of capacitors.

X-RAY nondestructive testing equipment is based on the principle of X-RAY scattering imaging, sending X-rays through the capacitor, according to the X-ray imaging effect at different positions, the capacitor interior and structure real-time online monitoring, according to the image, offline equipment can manually detect defects OK/NG judgment, online X-ray nondestructive testing equipment can automatically judge and sort through the software. To achieve the purpose of nondestructive testing. The general testing process is as follows: determine the sample type/material → put the sample into the X-Ray equipment for testing → determine the photo analysis → indicate the type and location of the defect → real-time online storage of the test picture.

X-RAY nondestructive testing equipment is widely used, in addition to capacitors, can also be used for SMT, LED, lithium batteries, battery components, semiconductor components and other electronic semiconductor industry products nondestructive testing. Its measuring function can measure all kinds of distance, to achieve the measurement of linear distance, circle diameter, concentric circles, point and center of the circle distance. CNC automatic programming function can automatically remember and check the motion path, accurate positioning. Real-time navigation and positioning service can automatically and quickly locate the target detection point and realize the visual dynamic display of observation. The image processing function can parallel process and online store test images.


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