What are the functions of X-RAY automatic charging machine?

December 17, 2022

X-RAY point material machine adopts photoelectric sensing principle, automatically calculate the number of parts, convenient point material, feeding, receiving work and warehouse inventory, low running noise, prevent the material from falling off, unique design, positive and negative counting, can be preset quantity. Easy to read, Chinese and English control panel comparison, simple operation, personalized operation platform design, high precision, zero counting deviation and other services.

1.7 ft (about 180 ft)mm) material discs for about 7 seconds, 47 ft or 15 in (about 380 ft)mm) maximum 17 ft (about 430 ft) diameter/length and total width include moisture-proof bags Jedec plates etc. On the basis of replacing manual counting, it greatly improves the work efficiency and quality.

2. Positive and reverse tape function, adjustable speed. Top speed is level 9, zero count deviation.

3. With FREESET function, the quantity can be preset, which is convenient to point, feed and collect materials.

4. Can fully control the number of parts in the factory, prevent inventory overhang, small size, light weight, easy to carry.

5. Designed for material belt parts, any specification can be used.

6.X adopts closed X-ray tube, long service life and maintenance-free. 17-inch HD flat panel detector, clear scan detector.

7. High speed and high precision

8. Support the system docking for MES.ERP, and the software algorithm is updated permanently.

The above is about the function of the X-RAY point feeder, I hope to help you ~


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