What are the characteristics of X-RAY automatic feeder?

December 19, 2022

Point machine is also known as tray machine, electronic counter, material counting equipment. Many names show the power of the feeder. As the end of the year approaches, the company's inventory has become an indispensable stage. The key point of electronic semiconductor industry inventory - material plate. The material tray is filled with many smaller electronic components, and traditional point equipment cannot meet the increasing demand for productivity. In this context, X-RAY point machine equipment once put on the market, it is highly praised.

The principle of the X-RAY dispenser is simple: X-ray is an ultra-short wavelength beam of light particles. The beam particles have the characteristics of short wavelength and high frequency. It has strong penetration, can pass through sheet, thin metal, textile cloth, plastic and other materials. Because different materials absorb light differently, the device uses software that can quickly calculate the amount of material on the material plate from the shadow image.

The main features are:

It can be applied to thousands of production lines, incoming materials can be counted, online automatic detection, different tray without conversion procedures, convenient and fast: compatible with 30-0450mm different specifications of material tray counting, do not need to focus on different specifications of material tray counting problems: can automatically connect with ERP and system data, safe use.

Maintaining the correct materials and quantities is an important part of the correct SMT electronics manufacturing process. In general, even the highest. SMT high volume EMS electronic manufacturing service provider, procurement and management of materials is also a lack of core competitiveness of the job, often overlooked.

X-RAY point machine appeared on the market, the selection of X-ray through the sample, the sample quantity for analysis and statistics, no need to disassemble, just put the tray into the test area, X-ray through the image on time calculation of product quantity, can store images, can effectively deal with the complex structure, low point material efficiency, high accuracy of points.


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