What should I consider when choosing a good X-RAY detector?

December 19, 2022

X-RAY is widely used in BGA inspection, LED, SMT, semiconductor, electronic connection machine module inspection, packaging parts, aluminum casting, molding parts, ceramic products, electrical and mechanical parts, automation parts, agricultural (seed inspection) 3D printing analysis and other fields.

Although X-RAY testing equipment can be used in many industries, but still to clear their own needs, as far as possible to find the most suitable for their own product testing equipment. What are some aspects of choosing a good X-RAY detector?

1. Core component: X-ray tube

The X-RAY tube is one of the core parts of the X-ray measuring instrument. This X-ray tube mainly produces X-rays, according to the principle of X-rays, it can look through the workpiece inside the body. Select tilt observation of 60 degrees, the carrier platform can rotate 360 degrees, choose color image navigation, accurately detect the measured object.

2. Image receiving device and effect

The image receiving device can capture X-rays passing through the sample and convert them into images that can be displayed in front of the user, such as spot welds, defects and cracks in image BGA castings where the image can be clearly seen. X-RAY detector magnification is larger, the image is clearer, and it is easier to see BGA virtual welding.

3. Machine design architecture

The architecture is the main part of the X-RAY detector, which determines the measurement distance and the convenience of use. X-RAY detector should be designed according to the customer's best feelings, the actual use is very convenient.

4. Software and computer control system

Software control is the soul of X-RAY detectors. Select browse guide function, automatic positioning check function; Fully realize mouse operation, without fussy remote rod button will be more practical.

Brand and after-sales service

Choose the common brand in the market, quality, technology, and after-sales this piece are relatively more secure. For example, Datai Fung Technology, you can rest assured.

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