What is the difference between optical BGA repair table and non-optical equipment?

December 20, 2022

What is the difference between optical BGA repair table and non-optical equipment? Many people who do not know much about the repair platform will have this doubt, then let's first know what is the optical BGA repair platform. To put it bluntly, optical alignment is the use of optical modules to take crack prism imaging, and then achieve accurate alignment. The non-optical alignment is to use human eyes to align the BGA according to the silk screen lines and points on the PCB board. The non-optical alignment is only to control the precision of the alignment by working experience. The accuracy of optical BGA repair table is higher than that of non-optical BGA repair table. We can also make a comparison from the following three levels.

First, in terms of efficiency, the optical BGA repair platform eliminates the human focusing link and is easy to operate. In the actual operation of the staff, Datafeng optical BGA repair table only needs to adjust the parameters, and the equipment will disassemble and install the BGA chip according to the set procedure. While the traditional non-optical BGA repair table in use, the maintenance staff must pay close attention to the PCB board silk screen line and point alignment, so as to achieve alignment maintenance is a little neglect will cause chip damage. In terms of efficiency, optical BGA repair table is much higher than non-optical BGA repair table.

Second, the actual operation difficulty coefficient, the optical BGA repair platform is simple, the whole process of automatic practical operation, the maintenance staff basically no technical requirements, Da Tai Feng optical BGA repair platform with automatic welding, disassembly, mounting, feeding one-button practical operation, simple application, convenient operation; Configure laser red dot positioning. In contrast to the optical BGA repair table, the requirements for operators are very high, as for the larger BGA chip maintenance, even skilled maintenance workers sometimes repair very difficult.

Third, from the perspective of safety and pass rate, automatic optical BGA repair table because of the use of optical module to take crack prism imaging, so no manual alignment, which avoids the traditional manual alignment operation of improper damage to the BGA chip. For different sizes of BGA original visual alignment, welding, disassembly of intelligent practical equipment, effectively improve the repair rate productivity, greatly reduce the cost.

In general, whether in the production and manufacturing application or in the level of operation efficiency and safety performance, the optical BGA repair table is much better than the non-optical BGA repair table. The above is the difference between optical BGA repair table and non-optical equipment. I hope it can help you.


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